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Winter Staging

Stage to Sell this Winter

Staging your home is crucial any time of year—but especially during winter, when weather and a slower market tend to get in the way. These staging tips are sure to put your home in the front of potential buyers’ minds this season.

Keeping It Green at Home

Going green—or living an environmentally friendly lifestyle—can be easier than you think. There are a number of easy ways you can make changes in your everyday life! With small adjustments, you’d be surprised the difference you can make in saving energy at home.

Make It Right

There are things you do around the house every day that you probably don’t think too much about. From squeezing your toothpaste tube to doing your weekly load of laundry, try these hacks that make the most of familiar household items.


Ugly Sweater Ornaments

We all have holiday sweaters sitting in the back corners of our closets gathering dust, so why not turn them into something more productive? Transform your neglected sweaters into creative DIY ornaments—the fabric is already perfectly festive!