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home safe
We are still pushing through the COVID19 era, it’s important to partner with an agent dedicated to keeping you and your family safe. In that regard, Coldwell Banker Elite created a certification to help educate agents to help safeguard the health & safety of agents and their clients! 
Deona is proud to a Home Safe Certified agent! As part of the program, Deona is dedicated to utilizing touch-less technology as much as possible during these times from digital transactions and signatures to virtual meetings and safe showing practices! 
Ready to get started? Contact Deona to set up your first virtual meeting!


Digital Transactions

Home Safe™ certified agents will make all reasonable efforts to reduce the need to communicate or touch any device other than your own. Using paperless transaction technology, our clients will be able to review, receive, and sign documents on the client’s own device.

Safe Showing Practices

Home Safe™ certified agents will, whenever possible, livestream or provide virtual showing options to buyers and will use virtual tours, videos, and other media to create 24 hour online open house options to make the home available to the highest number of potential buyers. Agents will also use techniques during physical showings to keep clients safe, including wearing masks, social distancing and other practices to reduce the chance of exposure to illness.

Virtual Meetings

Home Safe™ certified agents will conduct meetings and presentations via virtual meeting spaces, using interactive conference tools to reduce health risks, while continuing to encourage the human interaction while we guide our consumers through the best options available to them in their housing needs.

Industry Partnerships

Home Safe™ certified agents have access to resources and business partners that are uniquely suited for addressing the needs of our clients during a health crisis. Partnering with the right industry affiliates and utilizing tools designed to support healthy real estate transactions will further the mission to keep families and clients healthy.

Timely Techniques

Home Safe™ certified agents have access to the latest information and techniques provided to the industry to understand the world around us and ensure that they are adapting to the best practices and advice of industry experts as it pertains to keeping our clients and their families safe.

Disclaimer: The Coldwell Banker Elite Home Safe program is a training program for the firm’s Associates and provides the best practices, communication tools and techniques known to the industry at the time instruction was provided. Coldwell Banker Elite nor its Associates can guarantee the health or wellness of any party related to a real estate transaction, nor does the firm warrant the practices as assurances against the contraction of any illness.